“10 séances pour sentir la différence, 20 séances pour voir la différence, 30 séances pour un corps tout neuf.”



Joseph Hubertus Pilates

“Over the past two months , I had a chance to have Marie-Laure as a coach to perform Core Reformer Pilates sessions .
Marie-Laure has demonstrated an outstanding ability to conduct her session with great care of my personal condition, bringing long term improvements.
These sessions, if certainly demanding , were also both enjoyable and productive .
A great thank you..”

— Christian Lagrange

“Une jeune femme fort sympathique qui connaît bien son métier. J’ai eu beaucoup de plaisir à faire de l’exercice avec elle et à la fin de la séance je me sentais fatiguée mais bien dans mon corps avec l'impression que tous mes muscles avaient bien travaillé. Chaudement recommandé..”

— Christiane Gaberell

“Marie-Laure is very attentive, friendly, and experienced. I would recommend a private session with her. She adapts the session to your abilities and experience so that you always feel good and challenged. The facility is new and clean.”

— Emily Lee

“Core Reformer Pilates is my happy place. Sometimes I work the core, another day we focus on cardio and sometimes we stretch...every single session is different and it’s what I love ! never bored, always challenged . Marie-Laure is a very good listener, and she is able to adapt the session depending of my mood, my needs or my requests and my body is feeling so well after the session. What else? I highly recommend Core Reformer Pilates. ”

— Stephanie R.